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My Micronutrient Challenge

I wanted to challenge myself and see if I could create a meal plan utilizing ALL essential vitamins and minerals (including trace minerals). I succeeded with the aid of a great quick study resource authored by Cathie-Ann Lippman, MD.

Breakfast: Egg Scramble with a bowl of Fortified Cereal topped with Whole Milk & Berries 1) Eggs: Choline 2) Bell Pepper: Vitamin C 3) Onion + Parsley: Bioflavonoids 4) Iodized Salt: Iodine 5) Feta Cheese: Sodium 6) Fortified Cereal (Whole Grain preferably): Vitamin B1 7) Vitamin D Fortified Whole Milk: Vitamin D 8) Berries: Bioflavonoids

Snack 1 (Pre-Lunch): Dates + Brazilian Nuts 1) Dates: Iron 2) Brazilian Nuts: Selenium

Lunch: Nourish Bowl Ft. Veggie Packed Salad topped with Rotisserie Chicken and Pumpkin Seeds 1) Spinach: Molybdenum 2) Arugula: Lithium 3) Tomatoes: Biotin 4) Roasted Squash: Potassium 5) Sweet Corn: Phosphorus 6) Carrots: Vitamin B3 7) Avocado: Magnesium 8) Shredded Rotisserie: Vitamin B6 9) Olive Oil: Vitamin E 10) Pumpkin Seeds: Zinc

Dinner: Honey-Glazed Salmon on a bed of Sautéed Kale with Roasted Vegetable Medley & Farro Salad 1) Salmon: Coenzyme Q 2) Broccoli: Chromium & B2 3) Sweet Potato: Vitamin A 4) Beets: Silicon 5) Kale: Vitamin K 6) Farro: Vitamin B5 7) Radish: Copper 8) Gorgonzola: Vitamin B12

Snack 2 (Post-Dinner): Apple with Nutty Yogurt Dip (mix Peanut Butter with Greek Yogurt) & Hot Tea 1) Apple: Manganese 2) Greek Yogurt: Calcium 3) Peanut Butter: Boron 4) Tea: Fluoride

If you’re interested in the recipes, reply to this post!

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